Desenvolvedor Senior Backend

Desenvolvedor Senior Backend

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We’re looking for a candidate to fill this position in an exciting company. Maintains Devops culture – automation/simplification of the existent routines working together with the OPS team; Builds high scalability solutions, resilient to failures; Adds new features and maintain the current ones without impairing the actual performance, security and maintainability levels; Uses unit and integration tests to ensure the proper application of the business rules in the code, not only to follow the good industry practices – truly believes about the importance of testing process to the software industry; Detailed code review – it is a fundamental process in our CI/CD routines;  Pragmatic developer with a big passion for the software development; Prioritizes, see value and defends code quality, refactoring, clean code and proper documentation; Advanced knowledge in any language (preferably PHP) Advanced knowledge in SQL; Deals very well with relational databases – has curiosity and special concern about striving the best of the relational model, ensuring performance and consistency in high availability situations; Deals with non relational databases and cache systems, ensuring performance gains without burdening the current structure; Doesn’t believe in silver bullets, has a critical mind; Extremely adaptable, has more interest about computer science itself than specific technologies; Has knowledge about VCS (Version Control Systems): Git, SVN; Admires the UNIX philosophy/Has naturality with UNIX environment; Knows HTTP protocol and REST architecture; Has analysis, solid decision-making and problem-solving skills; Has an engrained test culture; Differentials Async programming experience; Understands Multithreading; Bit brusher – loves low level; Seeks continuous improvement within the team; Has knowledge/expertise with distributed architectures; Javascript knowledge/experience; Participates in communities (open source, hacker); Participates in open source projects; Seeks the state of art in software; Sharp English skills; Desired Profile Challenge driven; Knows how to be a team player when necessary ; Sharing knowledge must be a natural attitude;  

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